La Palma – Updates, 28th Sept

La Palma Volcano awakens bigger and bolder after a few hours of rest (Sept. 27th)
Lava closing in on La Palma coast

Italy – Mt. Etna Erupts

Mt. Etna has erupted a 9km high plume of ash, here is one of the latest video to appear online, having erupted more than 50 times this year, this eruption comes after year after a clam of approx. 3 weeks according to the lates news at

Other volcanoes around the world are also showing signs of activity including Mt Fujiyama in Japan.

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La Palma – Drone Footage

The latest drone footage from La Palma, showing the destruction by daylight as it happens, lava flows encroaching on houses and property on the island, nothing survives the path of molten lava.

Afghanistan -Taliban Rise, Kabul in sights

Freepress Injects Itself into the Heart of the Beast

This is Exclusive Undercover footage from an Irish Vaccine mill last month,where the undercover, under the guise of the Irish Prime Minister鈥檚 media department, manages to announce to the waiting sheep that the vaccines are all experimental 鈥 our brave insider told us that ALL sheep remained and took the experimental jab, despite the announcement鈥.

Besides telling them all it鈥檚 experimental, he also tells them what they can (and cannot) say to the Taoiseach (the Irish Prime Monster), just before he is to arrive at the vaccine centre for a photo opportunity. No inconvenient truths are allowed.

Does our boy get caught? Does he get rumbled? How does it end? You鈥檒l have to watch and see.

France – Protests continue

Protesters have already taken to the streets in France following the high court’s approval of health pass checks at nearly all shops, restaurants, and transportation.

Pregnant Women, “Please Don’t Take”

Dr. Mike Yeadon invokes the lessons and knowledge learned from Thalidomide 60 years ago.

Thalidomide give to pregnant their infants to be born with deformed limbs and other birth defects, some often fatal.

This is not the first time these experimental genetic injection have been compared to the horrors of Thalidomide on the child in the womb.